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Science abhors religious, spiritual and paranormal studies but refusing to research these topics is the most unscientific thing we can do; it is impossible to produce a theory of everything unless we are prepared to study everything. A theory published in 1989 by Dennis Wright explained a structure of spacetime in which all time existed in a single instant. The theory flew in the face of the existing view of the period, that time “flowed” or “passed”. In that year Nobel Laureate Stephen Hawking published a diametrically opposed view in his book “A Brief History of Time” which described “arrows of time” but even Professor Hawking in his latest book “The Grand Design” now proposes a structure of the time dimension that concurs with the one presented by Dennis in 1989. In addition recent experiments in Israel, where physicists have quantum linked photons existing at different points in time, demonstrate that different time frames can be quantum linked thus supporting prophecy and Dennis’ theory.


Due to his own precognition Dennis knew that our understanding of the universe was incomplete and so researched physics to develop a theory that could explain the real nature of time. Since then a study of predictions has been undertaken to establish evidence supporting the theory. Proof of accurate predictions would establish the principle that past, present and future do all coexist and substantiate Dennis’ published theories. Demonstrating that prophecy does not contradict the laws of physics will provide evidence of the principles involved and also explain dark matter and dark energy as well as many other mysteries that science struggles to understand. 


We have only to look around at the many natural disasters, conflicts and economic problems to realise that something is happening in the world and many predictions show every probability of being realised. It is now even more important to keep up to date with new developments check our Blog pages for Bookmark this site NOW; add it to your favourites so that when predictions are proved you can find the site that told you first.


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ThylacoleoFollowing his sighting of a large unidentified animal Dennis has also been actively involved in the search for rare or undiscovered species, which evidence suggests exist in parts of Australia. The animal, which Dennis originally saw, appears to be a remnant of the genus thylacoleonid, or Thylacoleo Carnifex (Marsupial Lion) that was believed to have become extinct long before white settlement; however frequent sightings have been reported ever since the first Europeans arrived in Australia. This booklet provides information for those seeing this animal, or seeking it; order your signed copy by clicking on the image. Details of the search for this animal are available online at





Community Service

In 1994 Dennis was featured on the front cover of the Ballarat district telephone book, in recognition of his work with long term unemployed, disabled and disadvantaged youth. The organisation with which he worked managed to provide training and find employment for a large number of young people who may not otherwise have found employment or have been able to look forward to a bright or happy future. This is just one of the community organisations with which Dennis has been affiliated he has also worked with older unemployed (for which he received an award and commendation from the organisation and a Senator) He also teaches basic accounting, computer skills, motivation techniques and sales methods on a volunteer basis when time permits.




There are many predictions that seem to have an identifiable relevance to current events; Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and the Irish priest Saint Malachy all have apparent successes. Nostradamus has been examined by many but the others are less familiar. Mother Shipton’s predictions were well known and mentioned by the diarist Samuel Pepys; these are interesting because of her accuracy in predicting everything from steel ships and motorised harvesters to women’s fashion. St. Malachy’s predictions relate to the Popes and indicate that Pope Francis is expected to be the final Pope before Judgement.


The prophecies that Dennis anticipates will prove his hypothesis include Biblical predictions of terrible conflicts and wars. The predicted Gog Magog war in the Middle-East looks likely as Islamists vow to “kill all Jews”. The Biblical prediction of an invasion of Israel by forces from Gog and Persia (Russia and Iran) appears more probable every day. Predictions in the book of Daniel already appear to have been uncannily accurate, in their references to the Babylonian Empire, the Greeks, the Romans and Europe. That book predicts 1335 “days” (years) during which; the Gentiles will control Jerusalem for 1290 years and then begins an “End Times” lasting about 45 years. The 1290 years of non-Jewish control ended in 1967 with the Six Day War when Israel regained the city, if we add 45 years to 1967 then the final period of Daniel’s end of days is about 2012, (with adjustment for the changes in calendars during the intervening centuries). The Mayans believed that a new cycle began in December 2012 marking the beginning of a new age for mankind. It appears that it is not unrealistic to expect that events forming this new age might occur in the near future.


The rise of Islamic extremism may well reach a peak before President Obama leaves office as the Muslim world sees him as a supporter and sympathiser, many other predictions appear to be reaching fulfilment indicating that 2016 will be a significant year.


Will 2016 bring proof?


Many of the events happening around the world today appear to be fulfilling Biblical prophecy, causing many students of scripture to ask if we are about to witness “end times” scenarios. There are however two places in the Bible that predict an asteroid strike on Earth to signal the end. One is in Daniel 2:34 and another is in Revelation 8:8 which describes a “great mountain” cast into the sea.


In addition Revelation 8:12 implies that both day and night will be shortened by one third suggesting that the Earth will spin more rapidly on its axis rotating once every 16 hours.


These events would be proof of prophecy and be serious cause for concern.




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